Essential SublimeText Plugins

Even though my main workflow revolves around the awesome JetBrains tools, SublimeText is still very good when you want to get something done quickly or when you are working on a small project. Based on both IDE and Vim experiences, the plugins below are what I think to be the most essentials. All of these can be directly installed through Sublime's Package Control.

  1. All Autocomplete
    Extends the default autocomplete to find matches in all open files.

  2. BracketHighlighter
    Matches a variety of brackets, including HTML tags and custom tags, and makes them visually easy to be spotted.

  3. DocBlockr
    Simplifies writing DocBlock comments for most major languages.

  4. GitGutter
    Displays icons in the gutter area indicating any changes for files being tracked by Git.

  5. SideBarEnhancements
    Provides enhancements to the operations on folders and files inside the sidebar.

  6. SublimeLinter
    Interactive code linting framework.
    NOTICE: This package alone won't work unless you install the corresponding SublimeLinter-xxx package along with the actual linter installed for the language you want to use. You can find more detailed documents here.

  7. TrailingSpaces
    Highlights trailing spaces and provides options for deleting them instantly.

  8. Markdown Preview
    Provides previews and builds your markdown files in your web browser.

  9. Sublime​Code​Intel
    Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine. Some useful shortcuts:

    • Control+Click, Control+Command+Alt+Up: jump to definition
    • Control+Command+Alt+Left: go back
    • Control+Shift+space: manual code intel

  10. Ctags
    Generates an index (or tag) file of language objects found in source files that allows these items to be quickly and easily located.
    NOTICE: You will have to install the ctags executable separately by running brew install ctags and check that the correct ctags path is being used. Check the default package settings (Preferences -> Package Settings -> CTags -> Settings - Default) for more info.

  11. Dotfiles Syntax Highlighting
    User settings to bring ShellScript (Bash, Zsh, etc.) syntax highlighting to dotfiles.

  12. LaTeXTools
    LaTex plugin for those dealing with the fantastic language for creating beautiful documents.

  13. Themes/Fonts
    This is an absolutely subjective area, but I am personally enjoying the Spacegray theme with the Powerline fonts. Once you install those, be sure to configure your settings, such as:

      "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Spacegray/base16-eighties.dark.tmTheme",
      "theme": "Spacegray Eighties.sublime-theme",
      "font_face": "Source Code Pro for Powerline",
      "font_size": 12
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